Munich Frontend Conference 2017

8 - 9, Dec. 9 December 2017
9:30 - 18:00
An international conference focused on frontend concepts and technologies around JS/HTML/CSS. Two tracks of talks by speakers from all over the world.
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16 Talks
2 Tracks
3 Trainings

Who's speaking


Microsoft MVP and the VP of Technology and Solutions at HMB. His focus is on building great development teams through training, mentoring, and prodigious amounts of caffeine

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Works at Mozilla, improving your newtab experience in Firefox. Mostly writes in Javascript, but interested in all the new things going on in the modern web.

Toronto, Canada


Program manager at Microsoft, working on web payments and web apps. Member of the W3C Web Payments working group.

Seattle, Washington, USA


Works at Google leading the JavaScript Execution Optimization Team, working on the V8 engine that powers Node.js and Chrome.

Munich, Germany


Developer Evangelist at deepstreamHub, co-author of “Learning Web-Based Virtual Reality” published by Apress. A longtime contributor and tech-speaker at Mozilla.

Berlin, Germany


Senior Developer at Instrument, immersed in websites and installations. Work includes the Emotobooth, which has traveled to conferences worldwide, including Google I/O.

Portland, Oregon, USA


Frontend developer at idealo, worked with angularjs since version 1.0.7. In spare time, he is organizing the Angular meetup in Berlin.

Berlin, Germany


Enterprise architect driving IT-Transformation at Allianz Germany. Co-founder @refreshmunich and co-organizer @uxmunich.

Munich, Germany


Software Developer at Planet 9 Energy, co-author of “Node.js design patterns” 2nd edition, maintainer of Fullstack Bulletin.

Dublin, Ireland


Worked at Microsoft and Autodesk in Canada; freelanced in Berlin, Barcelona and Dublin for over 10 years. Currently works at InterNations and makes CSS workshops.

Munich, Germany


Software engineer with a passion for JavaScript and clean code, loves contributing to open source, runs ngParty meetup.

Prague, Czech Republic


Fullstack developer and a Software Architect at Theodo. Passionate about code, and reads a lot about UX and typography.

Paris, France


Kristijan is a coach at React Academy, he created and, as well as a few popular open source libraries like mobx-router andcustom-react-scripts.

Skopje, Macedonia


A newly minted JavaScript Developer Advocate for Nexmo. In his spare time he volunteers at Mozilla as a Tech Speaker and a Reps Council member.

London, England


Senior Front-end Engineer at Netcentric with a focus on Mobile Apps built with Nativescript and Angular. Globe-trotter, born in Los Angeles, tempered in Ireland, thriving in Spain.

Barcelona, Spain


Brazilian front-end engineer for @CrossEngage, loves to make SPA's using NodeJS, TypeScript and a lot of CSS3

Berlin, Germany

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Conference schedule

When Old Meets New: Codebases
- Ursula Sarracini
(30 minutes)
Reactive Type-safe WebComponents
- Martin Hochel
(30 minutes)
Using your DevTools for Gain and Glory
- Alex Lakatos
(30 minutes)
State management in a GraphQL era
- Kristijan Ristovski
(30 minutes)
The future will be Serverless
- Luciano Mammino
(30 minutes)
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Training day, Dec. 8

Design Thinking for Developers

Design Thinking is more creative and user-centered than traditional design approach. It helps to solve so-called ill-defined problems, where both the problem and the solution are unknown at the outset of the problem-solving process.

You will learn and practice 6 main phases of DT: understanding, observation, point of view definition, ideation, prototyping, testing. You'll get the theory intro to every step and train with your personal ideas.

Your coaches:

Uliana Andriieshyna

User Interface Developer at SAP Hybris, passionate about beauty on the Web and dedicated to building a great user experience. Two Master degrees, leading the Munich Frontend Meetup and organizing conferences in Munich.

Denise Wildner

Senior User Experience Designer and Design Thinking coach at SAP.
Currently supporting Munich based startups and students to create and foster innovative, user-centric ideas.

Use Flexbox and CSS Grid with confidence

This full-day workshop will give you a solid understanding of how Flexbox fits into the CSS landscape and what kind of problems it solves best.

There will be many exercises throughout the day to apply the new concepts, all based on real-life layouts we see in our work.

Your coach:

Eugene Rabinovitch

Software engineer, worked at Microsoft and Autodesk in Canada, then switched to the web side of things. Has been a freelance web developer in Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin for over 10 years. Currently works at InterNations, makes talks and workshops on CSS.

Webpage Loading Speed in Perfection

Website speed is the first impression we are making to our audience online, based on which visitors make an instant judgment about the business. A fast website not only makes it feel professional and reliable but also motivates people to interact with it, because low latency defines the engagement.

The goal is to learn how to use speed optimization methods and integrate them easily while realizing what exactly would it bring.

Your coach:

Anton Caceres

Full-stack developer, running a web-agency in Munich and shaping the local tech community. Founder of Fullstack Events, an organization doing meetups, workshops, and conferences. Always happy to share and learn.


Microsoft Germany

Microsoft Deutschland GmbH, Walter-Gropius-Straße 5, 80807 München, Germany

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